Youth Volunteering


Choosing Organizations For Voluntary Work

Educational institutions have a mandate to protect their charges, so not every organization that needs volunteers will be a good match for any particular school. Choosing among them is based on factors that will keep students safe while allowing them the opportunity to be involved in their community as volunteers. Schools look for organizations that will help their students be able to see they are making a positive impact, but they must also have a program that will make a positive difference in the community.

Lack of food is an issue for many people today, and there are various ways in which students are allowed to volunteer. Many schools participate in local charities that pass out food to those in need, and they mainly employ students in finding ways to collect food or money from those in the community who are willing to give. Organizing a food drive takes hard work, but students have found many original ways to accomplish their goals.

Starting a food drive begins with learning the needs of the hungry, and students are often given a wish list of items the local food pantries need. They are charged with the task of finding people to donate these items, but they are also allowed to collect cash donations. These are used to purchase the items that were not donated, and it is one of the best ways to help maintain an even flow of nutritious food as well as keep the pantry stocked.

The majority of student food drives are held just before the winter holidays, but some school districts have expanded their student volunteer programs to cover other parts of the year. This helps them to see that food is a constant need, and it lets them know they can serve the hungry of their community at any time.